Going global: Building international relationships in the 21st century


Tania Lima

King’s College London

Le vendredi 9 février 2018 de 12:15 à 13:45
Campus du Solbosch, R42.4.502

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Internationalisation strategies now sit at the core of most universities’ strategic plans. Most institutions have now realised that a more concerted, focused approach is needed to engage globally, in a way that goes beyond student and academic mobility. It is natural for universities, being large, de-centralised bodies, to develop ad hoc, fragmented relationships with international partners, mostly centered around researchers’ own personal relationships. However, being strategic cannot only mean to create top-down approaches that will be then “sold” to academics. Current discussions on international strategies tend to advocate “doing more with fewer” partners but is this really the way forward, given that universities are such diverse bodies, with so many different areas of expertise? Does strategic have to mean big? At King’s College London we have been developing a university network of academics who are deeply involved in developing our approach to international partnerships and new, flexible ways to engage globally. We have also begun to track impact, developing metrics and communicating outcomes of our international initiatives across all faculties and our students, as well as with our own local communities, in order to create a local-to-global thread. King’s newly released Vision 2029 creates a clear pathway for the university and how we intend to link our education, research and community service strategies in the next decade.

Tania Lima
Tania Lima


Dr Tania Lima is the Assistant Director of Programmes & Operations at the UK HE International Unit. She was appointed Programme Director for Science without Borders UK in June 2012.  Tania has a BSc in Biology from Universidade de Sao Paulo and, as a sandwich student from Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, did her research for a PhD in Molecular Biology at New York University, where she was also a post-doctoral fellow. She worked as an annotator of microbial genomes and subsequently as Programme Head at Swiss-Prot in Geneva, Switzerland from 2001 until 2008.  

During her time at Swiss-Prot she participated in several international collaborative initiatives in genomics, bioinformatics and proteomics, as well as the training of researchers from Japan, Brazil and the U.S.A.  

Tania was appointed Science Operations Manager at the National Cancer Research Institute in London in 2010, where she led NCRI's international collaborations in cancer research, with a particular focus on international consortia and global partnerships.

In her current role at the International Unit, she is overseeing scholarship and research collaboration programmes, with special focus to Science without Borders and the Newton Fund in Brazil.